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I am a Nutritionist & Nutrigenomic Consultant running a virtual clinic from London.


I focus on helping my patients to find the root causes of their health imbalances and to address them with nutrition & lifestyle changes so that they can lead a happier and more balanced life.

Food and its biochemical impact on health are my passion and all my work is aimed at empowering people to be in the driving seat when it comes to their health!

Every person is unique to me and so is my dedication to each and everyone.

Hi, I'm Cristina Ronchi

Be in the driving seat!

My Health Philosophy


"Let food be your medicine and medicine be your

food ." (Hippocrates)

Food is nourishment for body & soul and a personalised diet can enhance our strenghts and help us overcome our weaknesses.

nutrigenomic foods for genes

15 Min FREE discovery call

Nutritional Consultations


Kind words

My partner and I went through numerous IVF cycle due to fertility issues.

Working with Cristina enabled me to see nutrition differently, she made it simple for me to make the necessary changes.

Her advice to take a DNA test enabled us to adress my metabolism in a targeted way. Finally I am pregant on my 7th IVF cycle!

Emma Phillips, Senior Sales Account Executive (London)

"I'm feeling much better generally ever since I had my sessions with you! People have said that I lost some weight. I told them it was all thanks to you!! I feel I have more understanding of how my hormones and thyroid work and what I can do to optimise my metabolism even if I don't want to go on a big diet."

Lizzie Woodcock, singer and actress (Manchester)

"Cristina has been supporting our disabled son over the last few years with a very focused nutrigenomic approach based on his DNA test and specific functional testing that she recommended. She reassesses his health every few months to be able to tailor his supplement intake.
His overall health has greatly improved in terms of energy, mood, sleep and frequency of epileptic fits.
Even our son's doctors are surprised and cannot understand what made the difference.
It is just a pity that we could not make more radical changes to our son's diet as he lives in an institution.
Marianne Markhardt (Bremen, Germany)
Shrimps and Noodles Soup
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