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Genetic Testing

It is not easy to decide which test to buy as there are so many on the market.

Here, Cristina can help you choose a reputable company that offers a comprehensive set of genes with a sound scientific grounding at a competitive price. 

The quality of genetic reports and array of genes included in DNA tests varies substantially and getting advice on which test is right for you and your personal requirements is fundamental.

Therapy Session

Nutrigenomic Consultation

Once, you receive your DNA test results Cristina will review the test with you identifying and explaining all the genetic variants that may impact on your health and which can be influenced positively through nutrition & lifestyle.

It will be interesting to link your genetic predisposition with your clinical history and your current symptoms in order to produce more individualised guidelines in terms of diet and supplementation. 

If required, we can explore further testing options to look into digestion, hormonal health or other metabolic imbalances.

Healthy Salad

Precision Nutrition & Lifestyle

Knowing your genetic predisposition puts you in the driving seat helping you to stir your life into the right direction.

Here,  clear recommendations that fit into your lifestyle as well as a motivating health coach will help to overcome any practical obstacles.


In case of specific genetic variants such as MTHFR or COMT, it may also be useful to support the body by integrating with supplements based on the most recent research.

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Cristina collaborates with world leading DNA testing companies

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