As a native Italian Cristina grew up with a love for food. Food always played an important role in her family life and social gatherings. Sharing her passion became a mission when she moved to London in 1997 and decided to teach culinary skills. After gaining a Chef Diploma as well as an adult teaching qualification she worked for institutions and schools as a cookery and healthy nutrition lecturer. Throughout her career she became more and more concerned about the biochemical and physiological impact of foods on our body systems. Her fascination with the role of food as a medicine led her to complete her BSc degree in Nutritional Medicine at UWL where she completed her clinical practice.

After attending a specialised course at Bastyr University, California and Genesnippers UK she became a Nutrigenomic Consultant working with patients from many different countries.


Living in Singapore for 4 years helped Cristina to acquire new insights into different cooking techniques, ingredients and eating habits. In Asia she learned to appreciate a more comprehensive approach to medicine and healing which focuses on the whole individual.

As a member of the British Association of Nutritional Therapists (BANT) Cristina is committed to continuous professional development in line with the most recent research in her field, particularly in Nutrigenomics. Female and Male Hormonal Healthy, Infertility and Anti-Aging Nutritional Medicine.



A comprehensive nutritional therapy consultancy lasts for over 60min and includes an in-depth evaluation of the patient's past and present health complaints as well as family history, dietary and lifestyle habits.  A pre-consultation questionnaire and 3-day nutrition diary sent to the patient will help to complete the picture and focus the clinical strategy in accordance with the latest scientific research in Nutritional Therapy.


Based on all the available clinical data and any results from functional and/or nutrigenomic testing your nutritional therapist will elaborate an individualised diet and lifestyle programme which is realistic, achievable and in line with the patient's goals. Mutual agreement and clear goal setting will empower the patient to achieve the desired results.


On request the patient may receive some practical coaching on shopping and preparing health-enhancing meals. Supplementation with high-quality nutrients is sometimes recommended based on individual requirements.