Cristina provides a wide selection of themed lectures aimed at professionals, parents and schoolchildren. 


- Expertise

As a trained teacher, Cristina holds a wealth of experience in adapting her lectures to different types of audience. She is equally confident in addressing a corporate audience as well as giving a nutrition talk to schoolchildren. 

Multimedia use and/or interactive tools produce gripping lectures. 


- Flexibility 

Presentations and lectures can be gender and age-specific. Male and female health as well as stress management are popular themes.


- Long-term benefits

By motivating employees to a health-conscious lifestyle corporate companies can increase competitiveness and professional performance as well as reduce absenteism and stress-induced tension. 



As a qualified adult educator, Cristina offers informative, stimulating and inspiring interactive workshops or lectures suitable for corporate settings and schools. Age and gender-specific nutrition and lifestyle themed advice sessions focus on stress management, male and female hormonal health and chronic disease prevention.


Clarity, colourful imagery, multimedia use as well as real foods on display or in form of tastings make her lectures eye-catching and truly memorable. 


 Useful hand-outs with pratical tips to change nutrition and lifestyle habits are also provided.



As a professional chef and trained culinary teacher, Cristina has an infectious way of inspiring her public to eat not only nutritionally valuable but also delicious food. She knows how to design themed sessions for a discerning adult public that wants to avoid unhealthy foods without compromising on flavour and style. 


Detox Superfoods, Sport Nutrition, Brain Food, Raw-volutionary Eating, Nutrilicious Meals for the Family are some of the most attended events.  


Cristina's "Junior Chefs" classes are specifically aimed at children, teenagers and university students.



Specific workshops and lectures are designed to enhance employees' health with a positive effect on professional performance and competitiveness. By supporting their employees in managing stress and achieving a healthier lifestyle, companies can reduce absenteism and stress-related conditions.


Promoting a clear understanding about how stress, diet and lifestyle impact on well being and professional performance will encourage employees to take an active role in choosing a lifestyle that benefits their long-term health as well as their professional career.



Encouraging healthy nutrition and lifestyle from an early age has been shown to prevent chronic illness and promote better academic performance.

Information plays a major role in raising childrens' and parents' concern about the health risks related to a high consumption of sugar, ready-made foods and snacks. 


Targeting teenage audience is also vital in preventing eating disorders which often arise from a distorted body image or from compulsive eating habits.


Nutrition lectures and interactive workshops can be specifically targeted  at parents or pupils and focus on how to optimise physiological function and academic performance through a health-conscious diet and lifestyle. 


Colourful and stimulating presentations aim at widening nutrition knowledge as well as giving many practical tips on how to translate healthy guidelines into easy-to-prepare food.


Lecturing can be further complemented with Cristina's well received "Junior Chef" hands-on cookery classes aimed at different age groups.